Tall Windmill Grass - Chloris ventricosa
  • Effective coloniser and bank stabiliser
  • Can be used as a native cover crop
  • Runner growth for quick ground cover
  • Drought tolerant
  • Warm season perennial
  Scented-top - Capillipedium spicigerum
  • Tall tussock with short runners
  • Deep rooted and robust ground cover
  • Warm season perennial
  • Retains soil moisture in the root zone
  • Effective coloniser
  Wallaby Grass - Austrodanthonia racemosa
  • Spring and autumn seed display
  • Year long green perennial
  • Acid soil tolerant
  • Shade tolerant niche species
  • Low fire fuel loading
  Kangaroo Grass -Themeda australis
  • Drought tolerant, robust ground cover
  • Wide geographic suitability
  • Moderately tall tussock
  • Long lived and deep rooted
  • Summer seed display
  Weeping Grass - Microlaena stipoides
  • Low growing with short rhizomes
  • Ideal as native lawn
  • Year long green perennial
  • Shade and acid soil tolerant
  • Mowing and grazing tolerant
  • Native bird food source
  • Low fire fuel loading
  Wild Sorghum - Sorghum lieocladum
  • Warm season perennial
  • Native bird habitat and food source
  • Drought tolerant, low water usage
  • Suitable for poorer soils
  • Low fire fuel loading
- Species available may change over time.
- Contract growing services avaliable.

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