Welcome to Cumberland Plain Seeds

We are the native grass seed and restoration specialists.

  • We produce and supply seed of native grassland species.
  • We provide expert advice on direct-seeding and grassland restoration.
  • We project manage and install grassy plant communities on restoration sites.

Whether you are a land manager, property developer, nursery producer, landscape architect or restoration practitioner, Cumberland Plain Seeds may be able to assist you. We can assist you to reduce your maintenance costs, restore native habitat, and to meet regulations and requirements of vegetation management plans.

Operating since 1994 and undertaking research and field trials since that time, our expertise transforms seed products into sustainable landscapes.

Please give us a call or drop us an email, we would be pleased to help.

  Native grass species can help
  • restore species diversity
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • restore landscape function
    • soil conservation
    • water regulation
    • habitat provision
  • restore habitat complexity and quality
  • improve landscape amenity

  Native grass seed applications

Seed supplied for direct seeding

Seed supplied for the production of nursery stock

Reconstruction of grassy ecosystems on public lands, roadsides, mine-sites, industrial and rural redevelopments, riparian corridors, utility easements, golf course roughs, etc.

Want advice on Bushfire Assessments, Fauna Assessments and development applications? Visit Abelecology.com.au

Tim Berryman (Principal)
B.App.Sc. (Horticulture) M.App.Sc. (Agriculture)
0422 480 078 • (02) 4739 0974
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